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Giroflex 40 Studio Chair

Giroflex 40 Studio Chair

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Upgrade your studio with the Giroflex 40 studio chair – where Swiss precision meets aesthetics perfection. With a sleek, minimalist design, it fits seamlessly into today's modern workspaces.

Synchronised mechanism

Its Synchro mechanism adapts to your body's natural movements, providing unmatched comfort. 

Stylish wrap-around mesh back

Visually elegant and pronounced ergonomic design for optimal adaption and support. Mesh fabric provides extra comfort and air circulation.

Height adjustable lumbar support

Ergonomic design feature with a range of lumbar support positions, easily adapted to different user-needs, with intuitive placed levers.

Dual-Zone seat profile

The front section of the seat has a 7° forward tilt that relieve pressure on thighs enhance blood circulation and healthy seating with comfort and the right support.

Lightweight & Robust aluminium frame

Durable polished aluminum frame that is both lightweight and sturdy.

Join the league of professionals who prioritize not only the quality of their music but also the high-end technology of their equipment. Transform your music studio with this ergonomic studio chair and redefine comfort in your creative space.

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