Shipping information

Destination Shipping cost
EU, UK, Norway, Switzerland Free of charge
United States, Canada and Australia Under 500€  €79
Between 500€-1900€  €599
Between 1900€-3000€  €699
Between 3000€-4000€  €799
Over 4000€  €899
Japan, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong 499€
  • Shipping times can vary depending on the courier, the destination address and customs clearance.
  • Shipping to European countries takes 2-3 days while shipping to the US and to Canada takes 3-5 days on average.
  • Shipping costs (in the USA, Canada and Australia) depend on the size of the desk(s).

While we do our best to deliver on time, external factors can affect delivery times. Please calculate extra time in case of delays, such as:

- customs clearance
- shipping delays due to the courier being overloaded
- delivery taking longer than expected

Please do not take holidays or schedule studio downtime until your order is shipped and the tracking information is indicating a delivery date.