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ERGO 19" Rack Drawer

ERGO 19" Rack Drawer

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ERGO 19" Aluminium Rack Drawer

If you want to keep your rack tidy by storing accessories and cables conveniently and safely, ERGO has a sturdy rack drawer for tough everyday travel. The 1.5 mm aluminium rack drawer runs smoothly on ball-bearing mounted telescopic rails and can be fully pulled out or completely removed.

The recessed handle lets you push and pull the drawer, and the drawer locks securely into place when closed.

  • Robust 1.5 mm aluminium construction
  • Continuous grip for ergonomic handling
  • Snap lock with 1.5 kg tensile strength
  • Ball-bearing mounted, fully extendable telescopic rails
  • Quick separation for removing the drawer
  • 20 kg load-bearing capacity
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