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Gravity KS MKS Keyboard Stand

Gravity KS MKS Keyboard Stand

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As a musician, you know how important it is to have a reliable and versatile keyboard stand that can accommodate all of your gear. That's where the Multi Keyboard stand comes in. With four levels for keyboards, synths, workstations, grooveboxes, effects, mixers and so on you'll have plenty of space to store all of your equipment. But what really sets the Multi Keyboardstand apart is its fully adjustable supports. No matter whether it is about the distance between the supports or the tilting angle. Everything is freely adjustable, so you can customize the stand to fit your specific needs.

Not only is the Multi Keyboardstand incredibly convenient, it's also built to last. It features an additional set of higher front stoppers for larger Keyboards to keep them secure and stable, and it's made of lightweight and robust aluminium to ensure durability. Plus, it comes with a cable guide to keep your cords organized and a set of self-adhesive measuring tapes to ensure precise placement of your instruments.

In short, the Multi Keyboard stand is the perfect solution for any musician looking to streamline their setup and keep their gear organized and easily accessible. Whether you're using it in the studio or on stage, it's a must-have addition to your musical setup. Don't miss out on the convenience, versatility, and durability of the Multi Keyboardstand!

  • 4-tier stand for keyboards, synths, workstations, grooveboxes etc.
  • Freely adjustable in height, tilt & arm spacing
  • Rachet based tilt locking mechanism
  • Scales for precision adjustment
  • Additional set of higher front stoppers for larger keyboards
  • Cable clips included
Material Aluminium
Surface Powder-coated
Color Black
Number of supports 4
Support depth 400 mm
Adjustable support distance 75 mm to 1180 mm
Min. support height 118 mm
Max. support height 1148 mm
Min. anti-tipper height 25 mm
Max. anti-tipper height 40 mm
Height 1145 mm
Width 1133 mm
Depth (mm) 690 mm (940 mm when upper and lower arms are horizontal)
Max load (each support) 25 kg
Interchangeable rings 16 x 25 mm
Black ring pack included Yes
Accessories (included) 4 x Gravity SA CC 35 B cable clips, Measuring tapes
Weight 13 kg
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