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Gravity Absorber Pucks

Gravity Absorber Pucks

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The Gravity SA SM IF 01 Absorber pucks can be placed freely under a loudspeaker (e.g. studio monitor) and achieve decoupling of the loudspeaker cabinet and the installation surface due to their silica gel surface. This significantly reduces vibrations and oscillations and makes the stereo image more precise by reducing acoustic smearing and discolouration.

The load capacity is 36 kg when using four Gravity SASMIF01 absorber pucks, which means that most speakers on the market can be used without any problems. 

  • The package contains four absorber pucks
  • Reduction of vibrations and oscillation transmission
  • Improvement of the stereo image
  • Bearing surface made of insulating silica gel
  • Load capacity: 36 kg (when using four pieces)
  • Width 42 mm Height 20 mm
  • Interchangeable rings 4 x 25 mm
  • Black ring pack included
  • Max. load one pc. 9 kg
  • Max. load 4 pcs. 36 kg
  • Weight 0.096 kg
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