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Your big comfort zone: Feel the lush upholstery of Armbed taking off the edge of your daily grind. Those long studio sessions will be easy on your wrist, forearms and elbows! Attaches with magnets and will change your workspace.

Armbed is handcrafted in the EU, as the finely stitched seams demonstrate. High-quality foam cushions the arms, wrapped in a gorgeous vegan leather substitute. Inspired by the big recording studio mixing desks and their upholstered edges, the Armbed provides a premium level of comfort and quality for pretty much any desk with a straight edge. The wooden structure on the inside holds it in its characteristic shape, making it so easily latch onto the desk edge. The Queen Size version was specifically designed to cater to those who work on laptops or just prefer a smaller footprint for their Armbed – those looking for more cushioned real estate, the King Size variant may be worth a look.

Armbed comes in two sizes, King and Queen. 

Armbed King

Armbed Queen