Stand out

Robust and adjustable stands for near and midfield monitor speakers

Find your sweet spot

Independent monitoring

Adjust your monitor speakers precisely to find the best possible listening position in your studio space.

Good vibrations

Our speaker stands are designed not to leak vibrations. The result is a tighter low resulting in clearer middle and a better defined stereo image.

Composer 88 - Buso Audio
Sold out
  • Adjustable
  • Height adjustable between 74 cm and 110 cm.
    No vibration
  • Designed not to vibrate even under the biggest monitor speakers

  • Available from incredibly strong Finnish birch plywood or MDF
  • Built from durable and environmentally friendly birch plywood at our factory in Budapest.

  • Easy assembly
  • Machined to perfection, our workstations are easy to assemble and easy to take apart.
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