Play heavy

Robust and flexible workstation for all-day, everyday

Keep it simple

Bring it on

The adjustable keyboard tray will fit massive keyboards without compromising on the maximum possible legroom. Take advantage of the huge desktop to change your setup and develop your workflow.

Heavy players welcome

Upgrade to heavy-duty rails to lock the keyboard tray in place and hammer away on your keys like there's no tomorrow.

Instant classic

Designed to function, built to last

Easy to clean, durable, odor free

Composer 88 - Buso Audio
Sold out
  • Large desktop
  • Uninterrupted huge desktop surface is ideal for the free placement of tabletop devices, monitors and screens.

  • Adjustable, removable keyboard tray 
  • Changing keyboards? The adjustable keyboard tray will let you install most 88-key keyboards while keeping the maximum legroom as possible.

  • Built to last
  • Built from Birch Plywood and high-quality furniture panels in our factory in Budapest.

  • Easy assembly
  • Machined to perfection, our workstations are easy to assemble and easy to take apart.
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