September update

New products

Speaker Stand

Introducing the robust and adjustable stands for near and midfield monitor speakers from Buso Audio. 

Speaker Stand is now available as single units at 199€ inc VAT. 

API 1608 and Toft ATB series console desks

In the past weeks we've been busy working on console integrations. Workstations for the API 1608 and the Toft series consoles are now available.

API 1608 console desk
Toft ATB series console desk

Studio 61 and Studio 88

Expanding the Studio line, we are happy to introduce the Studio 61 and Studio 88 workstations. 

Studio 61
Studio 88

Pandemic update

As the COVID-19 pandemic is worsening we currently have no production issues. We are constantly monitoring the situation with our suppliers and delivery partners.