We specialize in high-end studio furniture systems. All our desks are built by hand to achieve the best possible quality. Our mission is to deliver innovative, flexible and everlasting gear for your studio. We don't just build furniture. We come from the studio, we know what your studio needs.


A studio desk should enable the user to use a DAW and outboard gear at the same time. Achieving the perfect balance between function and form is our mission. Ergonomics, speaker placement, acoustics, comfort - we take special care of all. The Buso desks are functional and a joy to look at.


Our desks are expandable and re-configurable. Should you run out of rack space, you can extend your desk at any time. You never have to buy another desk again. 

Built by professionals

Buso Audio is a fast growing company and is more and more recognized as a reliable supplier of high quality studio furniture at affordable prices. Our high quality standards are carefully safeguarded by our dedicated team of skilled carpenters trained in both traditional carpentry methods as well as modern manufacturing techniques.


Handmade, mostly from hard wood our furniture is made to last. If you need to take your desk apart, you can be sure that you can assemble it again without damage. 

Free shipping to EU and USA

 No one likes to pay for shipping. If you buy from us directly or through one of our retailers, Buso Audio furniture ships for free. 


Because our desks are built by hand, modifications are easy to implement while the price remains affordable. We can adjust the size, colour and function of any desk you see on our website to fit to you needs.